MBA in Sri Lanka

Why AeU MBA with Academy

12 Reasons to do MBA with the Academy

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    Global Recognition

    Truly an international university established with the official government blessings of 33 countries and recognized nationally, regionally and internationally by multiple accreditation bodies

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    Highest Level Accreditation

    Fully accredited MBA programme with complete academic credentials of a comprehensive masters level academic programme with research.

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    Excellent Panel of Lecturers

    Excellent panel of lecturers with a perfect blend of top level corporate exposure, strong academic credentials, years of lecturing experience and true commitment.

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    Active Learning Environment

    Active learning environment with lectures, group presentations, class room debates, case studies, computer simulations, in-class internet based research and presentations

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    Comprehensive Coverage

    Comprehensive coverage of the essentials for the world class corporate executive or an entrepreneur focusing on Asian Business Strategy.

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    Integrated Learning System

    Classroom lectures supplemented with presentations, original text books, access to one of the best international e libraries and local e-learning system

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    Convenient Lecturing Time

    Convenient class room sessions held on Saturday mornings,
    the ideal choice for busy corporate executives &
    outstation candidates.

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    Flexible Schedule

    Subjects repeated every three months so that a candidate will have four windows per annum to take the subject in case he/she misses a it due to work commitment.

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    Easy Payment Schemes

    Convenient payment schemes with multiple installment plans, interest free installment options & low interest bank loans.

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    Progression to PHD

    We also can talk about the next level recognized by international universities for progression to PhD and other higher level academic qualifications.

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    Small Batches

    Small batches with 25 to 30 students per group to ensure free interaction between students and the lecturers, and to promote networking among the students.

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    Best Value for Money

    Best value for money with no compromise on quality of teaching & learning, with a conducive learning environment and excellent administrative support.

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