MBA in Sri Lanka

8th ACD Ministerial Meeting, Colombo, Sri Lanka

1acdThe Ministers of Foreign Affairs and other Heads of Delegation from 30 member countries of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) acknowledge the following: The Government of Malaysia eaffirms its commitment as the Prime Mover of e-Education in ensuring the success and sustainability of Asia e niversity. Malaysia expresses her appreciation of the support of member countries to AeU and particularly in agreeing to voluntarily explore the ways and means for the establishment of the Asia Credit Transfer System (ACTS).

The Government of Malaysia would also like to put on record that the Republic of India, through the Distance ducation Council has in true spirit and letter of the ACD charter has agreed to recognise Asia e University. This is milestone and will definitely lead to greater collaboration between Asia e University and the Institutions of Higher earning in India to not only narrow the digital divide but also to bring internationally recognised ducation and training programmes to the peoples of Asia.

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